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Implicit costs of factor allocation for Indian firms

Looking at variations in factor misallocation across states, Chaurey et al. measure trends in factor adjustment costs incurred by firms between 1999 and 2014. They find that adjustment costs for labou...

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The impact of services trade on non-tradable services in India

A share of India's service sector growth can be attributed to tradable services, which can also have positive productivity impacts on manufacturing. This article looks at the effect of services trade ...

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Rural infrastructure development and economic activity

Estimating the effects of physical infrastructure investments on economic growth has remained challenging, especially in rural settings. This article studies the effects of a rural infrastructure gran...

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Industrial Policy in India

In this article, Ritam Chaurey provides an overview of India’s industrial and labour policy to put in perspective the issues facing firm growth.

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Structural transformation and spillovers from ‘Industrial Areas’

A defining feature of economic development is the reallocation of labour from subsistence agriculture to manufacturing. To shed light on this process, this column analyses Karnataka’s Industrial Are...

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Do location-based incentives promote industrialisation?

In a bid to industrialise the relatively under-industrialised states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, the government implemented a tax incentive and capital subsidy scheme in the two states in 20...

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