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Energy access for marginalised communities: Evidence from rural India

While overall energy access of Indian households has improved rapidly over the past decade, access to clean fuel is still low as compared to electricity. Besides, social structures and hierarchies con...

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क्या सेवा की गुणवत्ता से ग्रामीण भारत में बिजली के कनेक्शन के लिए परिवारों की भुगतान करने की इच्छा का अनुमान लग सकता है?

जहां ग्रामीण विद्युतीकरण विकासशील जगत में सरकारों की उच्च प्राथमिकता रही है, वहीं जिन कारणों से परिवारों द्वारा बिजली के लिए भुगतान करने की अधिक संभावना होती है, उन पर अपर्याप्त ध्यान दिया गया है। ग्र...

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Does service quality predict households’ willingness to pay for electricity connections in rural India?

While rural electrification has been a high priority for governments in the developing world, the factors that make individual households more likely to pay for electricity have received insufficient ...

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Rural Electrification with Off-Grid Community Microgrids: An Impact Evaluation in Uttar Pradesh, India

This project assesses the socioeconomic effects of solar microgrids. The lack of access to electricity is a major obstacle to the socioeconomic development of more than a billion people.

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Off-grid solar power and the future of rural electrification in India

Off-grid solar power is a potential alternative to grid extension in rural electrification. This column reports results from a recent experiment with an off-grid lighting intervention in Uttar Pradesh...

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Rural electrification in India: Focus on service quality

India has set an ambitious goal of achieving high-quality electricity supply for all households by 2019, and impressive progress has been made in increasing the number of household electricity connect...

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Access to energy in rural India: A survey of six states

While access to energy is crucial for socioeconomic development, statistically representative surveys on the issue are missing in India. Based on a survey on energy access in six energy-poor states i...

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Can solar micro-grids deliver basic electricity access in Indian villages?

About one-third of India´s population remains without access to basic electricity services. This column discusses preliminary lessons from an experiment in rural Uttar Pradesh that seeks to set up s...

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Solar power for street vendors? Lessons from an experiment in Bihar

Rapid urbanisation in developing countries is aggravating the issue of insufficient access to energy for basic needs such as lighting. This column discusses lessons from an experiment in Bihar wherei...

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The Benefits of Solar Technology Adoption for Street Vendors in Bihar

This project evaluates the socio-economic impact of distributing solar lighting to street vendors in urban Bihar, in collaboration with a local civil society organization (NIDAN). The findings of the...

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India's power sector reforms: Who reaped the benefits?

The cornerstone of India´s power sector reforms is the 2003 National Electricity Act that limited state intervention in the power sector. This column analyses the effects of the Act on Indian manufa...

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Is there public support for higher electricity prices in India?

Even though India´s power sector does not generate enough electricity to meet the rapidly growing demand, policymakers hesitate to increase tariffs due to popular opposition. This column discusses r...

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