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Implications of shifting trends and patterns in India’s oil exports

Sharmila Kantha outlines why the high share of petroleum products in India's exports is a concern – particularly considering the declining trend in India's oil and gas production and fluctuating glo...

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How tradable services can aid the jobs challenge in India

Although the rising demand for services has led to its increased contribution to employment in many developing countries and globally, India's growth in services has not translated into a proportionat...

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Has the export-oriented manufacturing model reached its sell-by date for India?

As India faces the challenge of creating millions of well-paying jobs for its rapidly growing working-age population, Devashish Mitra analyses which sectors and what strategies can provide these good ...

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Impact of trade reforms on labour’s share of firm revenues

The decline in labour’s share of national income in recent decades – a potential cause of rising inequality – has coincided with an increase in world trade. This column analyses the impact of tr...

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Turning to the pharmaceutical sector for enhancing India-Pakistan trade

Various efforts have been made to normalise trade relations between India and Pakistan in the past few years; yet, several barriers remain. This column examines the trade potential in pharmaceuticals ...

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Trade as aid

Preferential or duty/quota-free trade access to developing countries, as a form of foreign aid by developed countries, is considered to have both pros and cons. This column analyses data from Banglade...

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An Indian trade paradox

India’s trading partners often complain about the restrictiveness of India’s trade regime. This column argues that they are both right and wrong. While India´s economy is ‘closed’ in terms of...

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Bali conundrum: WTO and Indian agriculture

The outcome of the recent WTO meetings at Bali is a stopgap arrangement, which implies that the Indian government does not have to make any changes in the implementation of the new Food Security Act i...

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Exchange-rate pass-through by Indian and Chinese exporters

The pricing behaviour of exporters in emerging markets confirms that the already well-reported decline in exchange rate sensitivity of import prices is due to export prices becoming more sensitive to ...

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Potato Traders in West Bengal: A Survey of Contractual Relations and Market Structure

This study consists of a pilot survey of a random subset of phorias (middlemen) and larger traders who operate in 72 villages of West Medinipur and Hugli districts in West Bengal and their correspondi...

  • IGC Research on India

Middleman Margins, Credit and Information Constraints: Potato Markets in West Bengal, India

This project investigates how potato farmers in West Bengal sell their crop to local traders, the determinants of farm-gate prices and margins earned by traders. Specifically, it examines the role of ...

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Linkages among Capital Flows, Trade, and Growth in Developing Economies

International economic integration puts a country’s fortunes partly into the hands of others. When integration takes the form of financial interdependence, the potential domestic impact of external ...

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Trade and the financial crisis: a focus on developing countries

Motivated by the 2008-2009 financial crisis and the trade collapse, this project analyses the effect of past banking crises (1976-2002) on trade with a focus on African exporters.

  • IGC Research on India

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India’s trade protectionism and low-productivity vicious cycle

Amid rising populism and anti-globalisation movements across the world, Atmanirbhar Bharat represents India’s adoption of trade protectionism. While the country’s inward-oriented economic policies...

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What explains India’s poor performance in garment exports?

India has been losing its share of the world garment trade over time – it went down from 6% in 2013 to 3.5% in 2016. This article examines the Indian garment industry based on a survey of garment ma...

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Trade agreements and their impact on India’s apparel exports

Slow progress of the Doha Round of WTO negotiations has led to a proliferation of regional and bilateral trade agreements, and consequent increase in trade among their members. While India continues t...

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