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Varun Santhosh | Ideas of India

Varun Santhosh
Independent Researcher
Varun Santhosh is an independent researcher and public policy professional based in New Delhi. He recently anchored the 'Real State of Economy' report for the Indian National Congress. Varun has been a consultant to Members of Parliament, state governments of Gujarat and Sikkim, and to non-profit organisations. His interests straddle diverse fields of political economy. He has been a part of many election campaigns as a volunteer and campaign manager, including India's first primaries' experiment. Varun is an UnBox fellow in design thinking and a graduate from National Institute of Technology (NIT) Karnataka, Surathkal.

Articles By Varun Santhosh
A proposal for public funding of elections and political parties in India
Posted On: 21 Apr 2017

Topics:   Political Economy

The Finance Minister of India recently introduced measures aimed at cleaning up political party funding in the country. In this article, Gowda and Santhosh highlight the limitations of these measures, and alternatively propose public funding of elections and political parties to improve electoral processes and outcomes.
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