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Rohit Ticku
The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies
Rohit Ticku is a Ph.D. candidate in development economics at The Graduate Institute, Geneva. His research interests are in the fields of political economy of conflict, economics of religion and applied economic history. His doctoral thesis focusses on the drivers and outcomes of Hindu-Muslim conflict in India.

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Holy wars? Temple desecrations in medieval India
Posted On: 27 Mar 2017

Topics:   Conflict

The rise of extremist groups such as the Taliban and the Islamic State, and their destruction of religious relics, have led some to magnify the presence of religious bigotry in Islamic societies. Using a unique, geocoded dataset this column tests two predominant narratives of Hindu temple desecrations in medieval India. It finds that whether a temple was located in a Muslim State had no bearing on the likelihood of its desecration; rather, desecrations were primarily determined by Hindu-Muslim battle outcomes.
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