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Mostak Ahamed | Ideas for India

Mostak Ahamed
University of Sussex
Mostak Ahamed is a Teaching Fellow in finance at the Department of Business and Management, University of Sussex, UK. He received his Ph.D. in business and management from the Queen Mary University of London in 2016. He undertakes research to overcome the obstacles of financial development with special emphasis on access to finance, bank and firm performance while using robust econometric techniques and large cross-country panel data. The research questions that he addresses are motivated by and engaged with contemporary policy issues. He has published several international and national journal articles on bank risk-taking, competition, inclusive financial development, and tax evasion.

Articles By Mostak Ahamed
Has regulatory intervention been effective in maintaining stability of Indian banks?
Posted On: 06 Feb 2017

Topics:   Finance

To address the challenges that Indian corporates faced in the early 2000s in meeting their debt-servicing obligations to banks/financial institutions, RBI introduced a corporate debt restructuring programme in 2002. This column finds that in the absence of a strong legal system, this out-of-court regulatory mechanism has indeed helped Indian banks remain stable, as there has been no bank failure in India unlike in other countries.
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