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Badri Sunderarajan
Sirius magazine
Badri Sunderarajan is editor and author for Sirius, a fortnightly magazine published and marketed within the SSS (Small Sharp Stones) community. SSS is a community of people (mostly children aged 8 and up) who trade items using a currency of the same name. It also has infrastructure such as a banking system, patent registry, and online payment systems.

Articles By Badri Sunderarajan
Post-demonetisation: Can the old notes return?
Posted On: 22 Dec 2016

Banks in India are reported to have received about 87.7% of the demonetised currency notes so far. In this article, Badri Sunderarajan argues that when once all the old notes have come in, it would make sense to reintroduce them into the system as legal tender.
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