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Radhika Pandey
National Institute of Public Finance and Policy
Radhika Pandey holds a Ph.D. in economics. She is Consultant with the Macro-Finance Group at the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP), New Delhi. Her core areas of work are macroeconomics, business cycles, financial sector legislative reforms, and capital controls. One of the key areas of her work has been to improve measurement of the economy through a research programme on empirical macroeconomics which includes identifying well-measured data; seasonal adjustment; and identifying and dating business cycle conditions.       
She was part of research teams for a number of Ministry of Finance instituted expert committees such as Financial Legislative Reforms Commission (FSLRC), Panel on External Commercial Borrowings and Report of the Working Group on Foreign Investments in India.
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Articles By Radhika Pandey
Will demonetisation lead to a protracted economic slowdown?
Posted On: 15 Dec 2016

In this article, Pandey and Sengupta argue that the impact of the contractionary demand shock triggered by the note ban will gradually radiate from cash-intensive activities to virtually every sector of the economy.
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