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Nidhi Aggarwal
Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur
Nidhi Aggarwal is an Assistant Professor at the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur. She obtained her Ph.D. and M.Sc in Economics from the Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research (IGIDR). In the past, she was associated with the Finance Research Group, IGIDR, where she worked on issues related to securities markets in India. Her current research interests include market microstructure, commodity markets, high-frequency trading, and firm financing.

Articles By Nidhi Aggarwal
Do stock exchange listings help ease financial constraints of SMEs?
Posted On: 07 Feb 2018

Topics:   Finance

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are viewed as an engine of economic growth and source of job creation. In an attempt to ease their financial constraints, India and some other countries, have experimented with enabling SMEs to access public markets by listing their shares on exchanges with less stringent criteria. This column analyses the impact of listing on the fortunes of SMEs in India.
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What did demonetisation do to domestic agricultural markets?
Posted On: 10 Nov 2017


When the note ban was announced a year ago, many feared that it would hit agriculture and informal sectors the hardest given the widespread use of cash for transacting in these sectors. Analysing data from 2,953 mandis across India for 35 major agricultural commodities for the period 2011-2017, this column finds that there are lingering impacts of demonetisation on farmers and adverse distributional consequences overall.
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Unified agricultural markets: Where are the reforms lacking?
Posted On: 02 Jan 2017

Topics:   Agriculture
Tags:   Karnataka , IT

In April 2016, Modi government launched the e-National Agriculture Market (e-NAM) platform – a pan-India electronic marketplace for trading of agricultural commodities. However, rather than ushering in a revolution, concerns have been raised regarding lack of traded volumes on the platform. To understand the reluctant progress of e-NAM, this column analyses the experience of the state of Karnataka that embarked on agricultural market reforms in 2007.
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Demonetisation and agricultural markets
Posted On: 30 Nov 2016

In this article, Aggarwal and Narayanan contend that demonetisation alone cannot turn agricultural markets cashless. Such a shift would require sustained and focussed effort to expand the reach of formal institutions, especially for credit and storage.
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