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Amey Sapre
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Amey Sapre graduated from Symbiosis International University, Pune, and is currently pursuing doctoral studies in Economics at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. Prior to joining IIT, he was a teaching assistant in Economics at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, and IIM Indore. He also worked as a UGC-SAP Research Fellow at the School of Economics, Indore for sponsored research programmes in areas of development and agriculture in Madhya Pradesh. His doctoral research is on aspects of tax evasion and corruption. His research interests include public finance, and measurement issues in national accounts statistics.

Articles By Amey Sapre
Studying revisions in Indian GDP data
Posted On: 28 Nov 2017

Topics:   Economic Growth
Tags:   GDP , data

The GDP numbers for a given year undergo a sequence of revisions based on data availability. The periodic revisions are meant to reveal the true picture of the economy, and affect macroeconomic forecasting and policymaking. Large, frequent, and uncertain data revisions can raise questions of data credibility and lead to imprecise inputs for policymaking. In this article, Sapre and Sengupta highlight several issues in the revisions in India's GDP series.
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What does the new IIP series tell us about the state of manufacturing in India?
Posted On: 02 Aug 2017

Topics:   Economic Growth

In May 2017, the Central Statistics Office released the new series of the Index of Industrial Production with 2011-12 as the base year, after a comprehensive revision of computation methods. The series almost entirely reverses the performance picture of Indian manufacturing, showing sharp upward revisions in the growth of activity. This column finds that the new index is likely to show inflated growth during times of falling inflation. Thus, deciphering the actual change in production continues to be difficult.
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Moving towards a principles-based drug retail policy in India
Posted On: 02 May 2017

Topics:   Health
Tags:   IT

The health ministry has proposed a new e-platform for tracking the country’s entire drug supply chain, including online sales. In this article, Smriti Sharma and Amey Sapre contend that the e-platform is a step in the right direction, but imposing the requirement of brick-and-mortar facilities on e-pharmacies is incorrect. Regulators should adopt an approach that promotes the principles of competition, innovation, and customer protection and responsibility in the drugs market.
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GDP conundrum: Some areas of concern around growth overestimation in Indian manufacturing
Posted On: 18 Nov 2016

Topics:   Economic Growth

Based on the new GDP series, large upward revisions in manufacturing growth rates were made – from 1.1% to 6.2% in 2012-13, and from -0.7% to 5.29% in 2013 – 14 that were not reflective of the actual performance of the sector during the period. In this article, Amey Sapre, doctoral student in Economics at IIT Kanpur, analyses some of the methodological issues in measuring growth in the manufacturing sector.

This is the third of a four-part series.

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