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Prerna Mukharya
Outline India
Prerna Mukharya is the Founder of Outline India, a social enterprise on a mission to empower stakeholders to make data-driven decisions. It does so by working at the ground level, while focusing on high-quality data collection and developing data products and services to optimise on funds, time, and resources available in the development sector. About four years into their work, Outline India’s work spans 21 states, 1,500+ villages, 80,000+ interactions - with a direct reach of 325,000+ and a magnified indirect reach of 10x, Outline India is now looking to scale up its impact and build a knowledge-sharing data platform. They are currently piloting the usage of UAVs (drones) for social access research. Prerna has previously worked at the Centre for Policy Research, is a 2016 Australia India Youth Dialogue Fellow, and a TEDx speaker. She holds an M.A. in Economics from Boston University.

Articles By Prerna Mukharya
Policymaking in the ‘grey zone’?
Posted On: 17 Nov 2016

Prerna Mukharya, Founder of Outline India – a social enterprise that focuses on data collection, impact assessments and evaluation studies, predominantly working with rural populations in remote areas – discusses the impact of the currency ban on their work.
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