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Nimai Mehta
American University
Nimai Mehta is Academic Director of the Global Economics and Business Program at American University, Washington D.C. He also leads the School’s programmes in China, Europe, and has most recently led the University's research engagements in Myanmar and India in the fields of education and public health. Nimai obtained his Masters in Applied Economics at Bombay University and a Doctorate in Economics from George Mason University with specialisations in comparative economic systems, public choice, and development. Nimai has held teaching positions at at the School of Economics, University of the Philippines where he was a Research Fellow and Program Associate with the Center for Integrative and Development Studies, and previously with the Ateneo de Manila University, Department of Economics. ​Prior positions include Visiting Scholar at the James M. Buchanan Center for Political Economy in Fairfax, Virginia and Adjunct Professor at George Mason University, Department of Economics.

Articles By Nimai Mehta
A universal basic income to step up economic reform
Posted On: 28 Oct 2016

In this article, Nimai Mehta, Academic Director of the Global Economics and Business Program at the American University, highlights the political challenge of introducing the wider set of reforms needed if a universal basic income (UBI) is to lift the poor out of poverty, and of ensuring fiscal affordability of UBI. Further, he shares some initial ideas on how these objectives may be achieved by leveraging the evolving Centre-state relations.

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