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Prateek Mittal
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Prateek Mittal is a Research Associate at Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD), India. His current work focuses on rural health infrastructure, public service delivery and environment. Prior to joining EPoD, he worked as an urban and transportation planner for a regional government in Illinois. As an urban planner, he designed analytical tools and strategies to encourage public participation in planning processes and to promote use of active modes of transportation. Prateek holds a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from IIT Guwahati and a Master in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Articles By Prateek Mittal
Understaffed, underserved: Human problems of India’s public health system
Posted On: 13 Oct 2016

Topics:   Health

India’s progress in reducing infant and maternal mortality is rather slow. This column shows the extent of shortfall of gynaecologists and auxiliary nurse midwives - the frontline of the battle against infant and maternal mortality – across health facilities in the country. It argues that along with absenteeism in public services, vacancies is a crucial area that requires improvement.
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