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Anurag Sharma
University of New South Wales
Dr. Anurag Sharma’s primary research areas are Health Economics including public health and education issues related to developing economies and Applied Econometrics. His recent research has focused on behavioural change to encourage healthy lifestyles by taxing economic bads, such as soft drinks and alcohol. His research often involves rigorous empirical analysis of policy relevant issues using large and complex secondary datasets. Currently he is also working on impact of interventions intended to improve maternal and child health in Nepal, reduce incidence of chronic diseases in Mongolia and provide additional health supplements to undernourished children in rural India.

Articles By Anurag Sharma
Whither female disadvantage? An analysis of private school enrolment in India
Posted On: 07 Oct 2016

Topics:   Gender

Given the poor condition of government schools and the perceived efficiency of private schools, Indian parents are increasingly choosing to send their children to private schools. This column examines private school enrolment among 7-18 year olds during 2005-2012 and finds a systematic and pervasive female disadvantage.
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