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Ajit Karnik
Middlesex University, Dubai
Ajit Karnik is a Professor of Economics at Middlesex University, Dubai. He was Reserve Bank of India Professor of Political Economy and Director, Department of Economics, University of Mumbai. He has been Indo-American Fellow, University of Texas at Austin; Visiting Scholar, St. John’s College, University of Cambridge; British Council Higher Education Link Visitor, University of Ulster (Belfast); Fulbright Fellow, University of California at Berkeley; and Smuts Fellow, Wolfson College and Faculty of Economics and Politics, University of Cambridge. He has supervised 11 Ph.D. theses, 5 M.Phil. dissertations and over 50 M.B.A. dissertations. Ajit Karnik’s research specialisations comprise political economy, fiscal economics, economic growth and applied econometrics. He has published 37 papers in refereed journals, 12 papers in edited books, 90 other papers (including conference and working papers), 3 authored books and 5 edited books. He has undertaken consultancy for Government of Maharashtra (India), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Bank, and Unilever India, and is a referee for the International Journal of Applied Economics, Journal of Sports Economics, Publius: Journal of Federalism and Public Budgeting and Finance.

Articles By Ajit Karnik
Demonetisation: A thunderbolt in search of a target
Posted On: 23 Dec 2016

In this article, Ajit Karnik, Professor of Economics at Middlesex University, Dubai, examines the various rationales that have been trotted out to justify demonetisation and finds little evidence to back these up. In his view, this seems to have been done mainly because a dramatic gesture was required to keep the supporters of the current government enthused.
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Banning commercial surrogacy in India
Posted On: 05 Oct 2016


In an attempt to protect the welfare of surrogate mothers, the Indian government has proposed to introduce legislation that will ban commercial surrogacy in the country. In this article, Ajit Karnik, Professor of Economics, Middlesex University, Dubai, discusses the threats that are associated with the welfare of surrogate mothers and argues that a ban would compromise their interests further as it would inevitably lead to the emergence of an illegal market for such transactions.
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