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Anant Nyshadham
Yale University
Anant Nyshadham is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics at the Boston College. He received his Ph.D. in 2012 from Yale University. His recent work focuses on enterprise and firm decision-making (example, entry and exit, labour contracting, worker training, product marketing, customer acquisition, and environmental and climatic mitigation) and the resulting performance dynamics, particularly in developing countries. On these topics, he has both ongoing and recently completed field experiments in Mexico, Kenya, Tanzania, and India. Other projects undertake empirical microeconomic analyses of individual and household decisions and behaviours regarding health, schooling, and occupational choice, namely entrepreneurship and agricultural labour supply. His broad research interests lie in development, health, and applied econometrics.

Articles By Anant Nyshadham
The hidden productivity benefits of energy-saving technology: Evidence from LEDs in Indian factories
Posted On: 03 Oct 2016

Energy-efficient technologies are an increasingly relevant policy priority, given growing consensus on the need to tackle climate change. This column examines the productivity benefits of adopting one such technology – LED lighting – for manufacturing firms in India. It finds that improved productivity resulting from LED lighting’s lower heat emissions makes adopting such technology far less costly than previous anticipated, particularly for labour-intensive firms in hot climates.
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