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Achyuta Adhvaryu
University of Michigan
Achyuta Adhvaryu is an Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at the University of Michigan. He pursues a research agenda at the intersection of business economics, development, and health. His current work has focused on understanding determinants of worker productivity and measuring the impacts of interventions that increase productivity while improving key aspects of worker welfare. His work is funded by grants from the National Institutes of Health, the International Growth Centre, the Centre for Economic Policy Research, and the UK Government’s Department For International Development. In addition to this work, he also studies business models for healthcare delivery in very low-income contexts.

Articles By Achyuta Adhvaryu
Role of private sector in the holistic skilling of India’s workforce
Posted On: 14 Mar 2018

Low skill levels of workers are a key reason for low labour productivity in developing countries. In this article, Adhvaryu et al. discuss research that centres around two important questions in this context: who should conduct and pay for skilling, and what kind of skills does the workforce need?

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The hidden productivity benefits of energy-saving technology: Evidence from LEDs in Indian factories
Posted On: 03 Oct 2016

Energy-efficient technologies are an increasingly relevant policy priority, given growing consensus on the need to tackle climate change. This column examines the productivity benefits of adopting one such technology – LED lighting – for manufacturing firms in India. It finds that improved productivity resulting from LED lighting’s lower heat emissions makes adopting such technology far less costly than previous anticipated, particularly for labour-intensive firms in hot climates.
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