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Khusdeep Malhotra
Temple University
Khusdeep is a Ph.D. student in Geography and Urban Studies at Temple University in Philadelphia. This summer, she was a visiting fellow at Outline India. Trained extensively in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Khusdeep has worked at the intersection of public health policy and practice to examine the spatial determinants of health (especially health inequalities) in USA. In her Ph.D., she applies her training to investigate mechanisms of forced displacement resulting from ethnic/sectarian violence. Khusdeep's current research uses qualitative approaches to understand how people move and explore reasons for the decisions they make. Through a combination of ethnographic and archival work, she is also attempting to create a qualitative GIS mapping survivors' movements after violence.

Articles By Khusdeep Malhotra
Data openness and the Geospatial Information Regulation Bill
Posted On: 05 Sep 2016

Topics:   Political Economy
Tags:   data , IT

According to the Geospatial Information Regulation Bill, 2016, the acquisition or use of any geospatial information will require permission from a government authority. In this note, Ghosh and Malhotra highlight the importance of reliable geospatial information for development work. In their view, instead of restricting the production and use of such information, the government should regulate its quality and promote learning around it to ensure responsible and ethical use.
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