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Hannah Ruebeck
Harvard University
Hannah Ruebeck received her B.A. in Economics from Wellesley College where she researched health and education policy in India and Bangladesh. She has interned as a research assistant at Evidence for Policy Design at the Center for International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School studying the effect of microfinance on school management. She is currently a Pre-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard University where she studies discrimination, education policy, and the achievement gap.
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Articles By Hannah Ruebeck
Water quality awareness and behaviour change
Posted On: 28 Jul 2016

Topics:   Health

Universal access to clean water is far from a reality in many developing countries. This column examines a nationwide information campaign that attempted to minimise the use of arsenic-contaminated tubewells in Bangladesh. It finds that mothers in arsenic-contaminated areas are more likely to exclusively breastfeed their children, and breastfeed for longer after the campaign - likely out of concern for child well-being. It also finds that infant health improves.
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