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Claire Walsh
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Claire Walsh is a Policy Manager at J-PAL Global, where she manages J-PAL's Government Partnership Initiative, Environment & Energy Sector, and oversees J-PAL's policy publications. She holds an M.A. in Development Economics and International Business Relations from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Articles By Claire Walsh
Improved cooking stoves in India: Evaluating long-run impacts
Posted On: 13 Jul 2016

Topics:   Environment , Health

Improved cooking stoves are increasingly seen as an important technology to address indoor air pollution. While laboratory experiments have shown that they could have big effects on smoke exposure and emissions, this column finds limited long-run health and environmental impacts of an improved cooking stove programme in Odisha. This indicates the importance of testing interventions in real-world conditions taking into account willingness to pay, usage, and changes over time.
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