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Gareth Price
Chatham House
Gareth Price is a Senior Research Fellow at Chatham House leading research on South Asia. He was previously an analyst at the Economist Intelligence Unit, focused on South Asia, and before that worked on the same region for a political risk consultancy, Control Risks Group. His Ph.D. focused on the politics of Northeast India.

His current research interests include India’s foreign policy, regional relations within South Asia and the politics surrounding water. He also focuses on Afghanistan’s regional engagement. He has worked on projects for numerous governments and companies and is a regular media commentator on South Asian affairs.

Articles By Gareth Price
Indian agriculture: How to feed more people with fewer resources
Posted On: 05 Jul 2016

While agriculture in India has achieved grain self-sufficiency, it has become cereal-centric, regionally-biased and resource-intensive. In this article, Swain, Price and Sharma discuss the rising resource intensity in Indian agriculture and its implications for agricultural sustainability, productivity and future food production. They explore government initiatives to address the situation and suggest a strategy to increase production with fewer resources.
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