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Ashish Pandey
Quadrature Capital
Ashish is the founder and managing partner of Quadrature Capital. He has over 15 years of experience in managing portfolio investments and has held various leadership roles. Most recently, Ashish served as CEO of an NYSE-listed REIT that was a substantial purchaser of distressed loans. He was listed by Forbes in ‘America’s Most Powerful CEO under 40’ list in 2014. Ashish holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from SGS Institute of Technology and a Master's of Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore.

Articles By Ashish Pandey
The Indian banking system: A ticking time bomb
Posted On: 13 May 2016

Tags:   Banking

In response to RBI’s call to accelerate the recognition of stressed assets, publicly traded banks in India added nearly Rs. 1 trillion in bad loans in the quarter ending December 2015. In this article, Ashish Pandey, a finance professional, proposes a multipronged approach to addressing the Non-Performing Assets crisis in the Indian banking system.
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