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Eric Dodge
Harvard University
Eric Dodge is Data Analytics Lead at Evidence for Policy Design. His current work aims to better understand how information feedback loops can be built into policy implementation in developing countries. His past experiences include a stint as a J-PAL Research Associate in Gujarat, India and a consultancy with the Indonesian government to visualise socioeconomic datasets. Eric holds a B.A. in Economics and International Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison and an MPA/ID from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.

Articles By Eric Dodge
Asking the right question to get the right policy
Posted On: 04 Apr 2016

Topics:   Political Economy
Tags:   MNREGA , data

There is consensus in the development community on the importance of bridging the gap between researchers and practitioners; however, misaligned incentives underlie this gap. In this article, Pande, Moore and Dodge of Harvard Kennedy School, explain how bringing policymakers together with researchers to work more iteratively ensured that data from MNREGS - the world’s largest public works programme - became accessible and relevant to those who use it.
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What is causing Delhi’s air pollution?
Posted On: 15 Feb 2016

Topics:   Environment

Several policies aimed at reducing Delhi’s air pollution have been implemented this winter, but what remains unclear is where the pollution comes from. This column takes stock of what we know about pollution sources and the portion contributed by each. It contends that good information systems are required to turn the critical convergence of public concern, policymaker attention, and academic contribution into a smart policy response.
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