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Filippo Sebastio
Business for Social Responsibility
Filippo Sebastio is an Associate at Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), a global nonprofit organisation that works across industries to provide sustainable business strategies and solutions through consulting, research, and cross-sector collaboration. 

Prior to BSR, Filippo worked as Country Economist at the International Growth Centre (IGC), managing the Bangladesh research program and providing the local government with evidence-based economic advisory services. Before IGC, Filippo was a Research Associate at Innovations for Poverty Action, where he evaluated the impact of vocational training on female line operators’ career performances in the ready-made garment sector in Dhaka.

Articles By Filippo Sebastio
Data-jam: Could data reduce road congestion in Dhaka?
Posted On: 01 Feb 2016

Topics:   Urbanisation

While urbanisation is key to economic growth, failure to address the downsides of the process - such as congestion - may deter the ability of cities to achieve their full growth potential. This column examines the challenges of road congestion in Dhaka, and explores the potential for traffic data to uncover evidenced-based policy designs that can effectively mitigate the problem.
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