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Damian C. Clarke
University of Santiago of Chile
Damian is an assistant professor in economics at the University of Santiago of Chile and a research associate at the Center for the Study of African Economics in Oxford. His research focuses on maternal and child health and education, fertility and family size, and applied microeconometrics. He also has interests in innovation, the development of open source knowledge, and in open source software development. Damian completed his D.Phil. in Economics at Oxford in 2015, and has worked for a number of international organisations and government bodies, focusing on education and health, in Latin America, and in West Africa.

Articles By Damian C. Clarke
Maternal mortality and gender prejudice
Posted On: 22 Feb 2016

Topics:   Gender , Health

While maternal mortality has fallen sharply in the last decade, it remains unnecessarily high at about 800 deaths a day worldwide. Moreover, there is enormous variation in levels and rates of decline across countries, even after accounting for differences in income. This column discusses new evidence showing that gender prejudice explains a significant part of this variation.
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