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Tasneem Ahmed
University of Connecticut
Tasneem Ahmed is a rising junior at the University of Connecticut majoring in Economics and Human Rights. She is interested in the intersection of human rights, economic development and international affairs with a particular focus on labor rights of workers worldwide.

She is a UNESCO Student Ambassador for Human Rights and is the treasurer of both UConn’s International Relations Association and TedxUConn. In 2014 and 2015, she helped coordinate a TedxUConn event focused on Health and Humanity. She is also currently, conducting research on the 'Effects of the Business Cycle on Human Trafficking' with the help of Professor Nishith Prakash.

In summer 2014, Tasneem interned with the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh for the United Nations. Her experience consisted of attending numerous UN Security Council and Economic and Social Council meetings and writing reports to send back to Dhaka, Bangladesh. Here, she had the opportunity to work extensively with the Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals from the perspective of a third world country. Realising the power that multinational corporations now have in the international arena, Tasneem thinks one of the most effective ways to tackle human rights issues is for businesses to become aware of their corporate social responsibility. For this reason, Tasneem hopes to focus her future career around corporate social responsibility and sustainability issues.

Articles By Tasneem Ahmed
Criminally accused politicians and economic outcomes
Posted On: 15 Jan 2016

Despite a history of widely contested and transparent elections, and presence of vibrant and open media, an increasing number of criminally accused politicians are being elected in India. Based on an analysis of elections to State Legislative Assemblies during 2004-2008 in 20 states, this column finds that electing a politician accused of a serious or financial crime adversely affects economic growth and public service delivery in the constituency.
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