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Urmila Chatterjee | Ideas for India

Urmila Chatterjee
World Bank

Urmila Chatterjee is an Economist with the Poverty and Equity Global Practice of the World Bank, based in New Delhi, India. Her research includes work on poverty, labor markets, tax policy, firm productivity and dynamics. Prior to joining the Bank, Urmila worked at Citibank in Mumbai and the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore. She holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley, a Masters’ degree in economics from Mumbai University and a Masters’ degree in finance from ICFAI University.  

Articles By Urmila Chatterjee
What explains the decline in female labour force participation in India?
Posted On: 13 Jan 2016

Topics:   Gender , Jobs

It is often argued that female labour force participation is declining in India due to rising incomes that allow more women to stay at home, which is the preferred household choice in a predominantly patriarchal society. However, this column contends that the trend is mainly explained by a scarcity of suitable jobs opportunities outside of farming and close to place of residence.
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