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Abhishek Jain
Council on Energy, Environment & Water
Abhishek Jain is an engineer turned policy researcher, currently working in India with an independent policy think tank, Council on Energy, Environment & Water. His current research focus is on energy access, fossil fuel subsidies, integrated energy planning, circular economy and sustainable development. He holds an M.Phil. in Engineering for Sustainable Development from University of Cambridge and an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee. Abhishek is a recipient of Chevening Scholarship from British government, and is an honorary scholar of Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.

With close to five years of experience, Abhishek has worked on multiple issues at the confluence of energy, economics, environment and sustainable development. He has researched and published on various areas including energy access, clean cooking energy, forecasting of electrification access scenarios in India, rationalisation of LPG subsidies, electricity sector reforms for India, challenges to sustainable transportation in New Delhi, to name a few. He has completed multiple research and short-term project stints with various organisations in India, Germany and the UK. He frequently presents at various national and international forums. In his previous avatar, Abhishek has worked as an energy and sustainability engineer with Nestle in India. 

Articles By Abhishek Jain
Rural electrification in India: Focus on service quality
Posted On: 18 Jan 2017

Topics:   Infrastructure
Tags:   electricity

India has set an ambitious goal of achieving high-quality electricity supply for all households by 2019, and impressive progress has been made in increasing the number of household electricity connections. However, this column finds that the quality of electricity service to rural households is dismal and this is considered to be a major problem by rural households. There is a need for rationalising rural electricity tariffs to ensure cost recovery in exchange of improved service quality.
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Access to energy in rural India: A survey of six states
Posted On: 18 Jan 2016

Topics:   Infrastructure

While access to energy is crucial for socioeconomic development, statistically representative surveys on the issue are missing in India. Based on a survey on energy access in six energy-poor states in north India, this column finds that although domestic electricity connections in rural areas have increased rapidly, quality of supply remains poor. In terms of clean cooking fuels, people strongly prefer LPG but poor availability and high upfront costs of connections limit access.
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