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Sonalde Desai
University of Maryland
Sonalde Desai is a Professor of Sociology at University of Maryland with joint appointment as a Senior Fellow at the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER), New Delhi. She received a Ph.D. from Stanford University and post-doctoral training at University of Chicago and The RAND Corporation.

She is a demographer whose work deals primarily with human development in developing countries with a particular focus on gender and class inequalities. She studies employment, education and maternal and child health outcomes by locating them within the policy discourse and political economy of the region. While much of her research focuses on India, she has also undertaken comparative studies across South Asia, Latin America and Sub Saharan Africa.

Articles By Sonalde Desai
Of Picasso and Cezanne: Early achievers vs. late bloomers
Posted On: 24 Nov 2015

Topics:   Education
Tags:   Schooling

Children learn at different paces – some are early achievers while others bloom late. In this article, Desai and Vanneman, Professors of Sociology at University of Maryland, present evidence to show that children from privileged backgrounds are much more likely to overcome early disadvantages in learning, as compared to those from poorer backgrounds. The New Education Policy should recognise this and support children that are falling behind.

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