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Oliver Vanden Eynde
Paris School of Economics
Oliver Vanden Eynde is an Assistant Professor at Paris School of Economics. He was visiting Associate Research Scholar, Empirical Studies of Conflict Project (ESOC) at Princeton University in 2013-14. His research focuses on civil conflict, crime, and the role of the military in developing countries. He has worked on the human capital effects of military recruitment in colonial India, the design of civil-military institutions, and the targeting strategies of insurgents in India’s Maoist conflict. Current research projects explore the relationship between political change and crime reduction in India, the impact of infrastructure development in conflict zones, and the public finance of conflict. He obtained his Ph.D. at the London School of Economics in 2012.

Articles By Oliver Vanden Eynde
Building connections: Political corruption and road construction in India
Posted On: 13 Sep 2016


Rural infrastructure programmes of the government create new opportunities for growth but also for corruption. This column studies India’s flagship rural road construction programme and finds evidence that local politicians favour members of their caste or kinship networks in the allocation of contracts. This raises construction costs, adversely affects road quality, and increases the likelihood of ‘missing’ roads.
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Connecting the red corridor: Infrastructure provision in conflict areas
Posted On: 05 Nov 2015

Tags:   naxalism

The government’s efforts to develop rural infrastructure have been particularly intense in the 90-odd districts that are affected by Maoism. How successful has the implementation of flagship infrastructure programmes been in these areas? This column finds that disruption of programmes by Maoists, as reported by newspapers, is not nearly as pervasive as one might think.
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