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Aparajita Bhargarh Chaudhary
Ambedkar University
Ms. Aparajita Bhargarh Chaudhary has a Master’s degree in Child Development with specialisation in Early Childhood Care and Education from Delhi University (2007). She has eight years of experience working in the area of educational research. She is currently working as an Academic Fellow with the Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development (CECED), Ambedkar University, Delhi since December 2010. She is at present coordinating a longitudinal study on impact of early childhood education titled “India Early Childhood Education Impact Study. This longitudinal study is based on the premise that learning and development are continuous and cumulative processes and any approach to address quality and equity at the primary stage needs to begin first by helping children develop a sound foundation, prepare for school and then make a smooth transition to school. 
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Articles By Aparajita Bhargarh Chaudhary
Ensuring learning at the elementary stage: Are children school-ready?
Posted On: 19 Nov 2015

Topics:   Education
Tags:   schooling

In this article, Venita Kaul and Aparajita Bhargarh Chaudhary from the Centre for Early Childhood Education and Development, Ambedkar University, present evidence from their research to emphasise the importance of good preschool education to prepare children to learn well in elementary school, and recommend adding a preschool class to all existing schools.

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