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Anand Shrivastava
Azim Premji University
Anand Shrivastava is assistant professor at the School of Liberal Studies, Azim Premji University. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Cambridge. His research interests lie in the fields of political economics, development economics and applied microeconomics, more specifically in looking at the social, political and economic causes and effects of conflict in developing countries, the political economy of control and use of natural resources in developing countries and issues of identity in the context of politics and conflict.

Articles By Anand Shrivastava
Holy wars? Temple desecrations in medieval India
Posted On: 27 Mar 2017

Topics:   Conflict

The rise of extremist groups such as the Taliban and the Islamic State, and their destruction of religious relics, have led some to magnify the presence of religious bigotry in Islamic societies. Using a unique, geocoded dataset this column tests two predominant narratives of Hindu temple desecrations in medieval India. It finds that whether a temple was located in a Muslim State had no bearing on the likelihood of its desecration; rather, desecrations were primarily determined by Hindu-Muslim battle outcomes.
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Economic development and Maoist insurgency
Posted On: 07 Oct 2015

Topics:   Conflict
Tags:   naxalism

The Indian government’s two-pronged strategy to counter Maoist insurgency involves economic development and military repression. Analysing data for 2006-2011, this column finds that increasing wages led to a small but statistically significant increase in conflict. It suggests that when the reason for conflict is absence of rights of low-income local communities on natural resources, this strategy by itself will not solve the problem and may even exacerbate it.
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