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Paul Andrés Rodríguez Lesmes
University College London
Paul Rodriguez Lesmes is a Ph.D. candidate from the Economics Department at University College London. Paul is a graduate from Universidad del Rosario (Colombia) and since then have work as a researcher in projects from Universidad del Rosario, the World Bank, and the Institute of Fiscal Studies among others. His main expertise is in the field of applied microeconomics, with special emphasis on health economics and the economics of education.

Articles By Paul Andrés Rodríguez Lesmes
No toilet, no bride: Toilet ownership and marriage prospects of men in India
Posted On: 30 Sep 2015

Topics:   Health

A growing body of research shows that costs are a key barrier to sanitation investments by households. Based on a survey in Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, this column finds that apart from financial and health considerations, the decision of households to acquire toilets is influenced by the belief that toilet ownership improves prospects of finding good marriage matches for sons.
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