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Asad Islam
Monash University
Asad Islam is an Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Monash University in Australia. He is a development economist, and has worked extensively in Bangladesh. His recent research focuses on microfinance, schooling and health, petty corruption, immigration and risk-sharing mechanisms of households. He has currently a number of experimental research projects in India and Bangladesh to understand the influence of social networks in the area of education and agriculture. He is working closely with a number of NGOs in Bangladesh including BRAC. He is also the founder of an independent research organisation/NGO (Initiative for Development Research and Implementation-IDRI) in Bangladesh which employs local researchers and field workers to help academics around the world to conduct surveys and experiments including large scale RCTs.

Articles By Asad Islam
Can microcredit improve food security among the rural poor?
Posted On: 28 Sep 2015

A core objective of microcredit in Bangladesh is to make the rural poor more food secure. To what extent has this been achieved? Analysing household data from Bangladesh, this column finds that participants of microcredit programmes are more food secure, with improved calorie availability, reduced child stunting and better maternal nutritional status. However, programme participation in itself does not improve dietary diversity.
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