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Annemie Maertens
University of Sussex

Annemie Maertens is a Lecturer at the Department of Economics at the University of Sussex. Previously, she was an Assistant Professor in International Development at the University of Pittsburgh (associated with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs). She has obtained her Ph.D. in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University in 2010. Before embarking on a career as an economist, she was an agricultural engineer, with an interest in tropical agricultural systems. She approaches international poverty from a social and behavioral angle, investigating the role of social networks and deviations of the rational expected utility model in decision-making in developing countries. 

Articles By Annemie Maertens
Adult education, knowledge and confidence
Posted On: 21 Sep 2015

Topics:   Education , Gender

Illiteracy, in India and elsewhere, is largely a female phenomenon. This column analyses a literacy programme aimed at adult women in India and finds that it has impacts beyond increasing literacy and numeracy. The general knowledge of participants improved and they were less likely to be over-confident about what they know – attributes that may contribute to better educating their children and absorbing new information.
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