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Amir Attaran
University of Ottawa
Amir Attaran is Professor, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section at the University of Ottawa. His research interests include international development and foreign aid; international human rights law and particularly how it applies to the war in Afghanistan; and global public health in the poorer countries.

Articles By Amir Attaran
Drug quality and global trade
Posted On: 18 Sep 2015

Topics:   Health , Trade
Tags:   Africa

There is a perception amongst pharmaceutical experts that some Indian manufacturers and/or their distributors segment the global medicine market into portions that are served by different quality medicines. This column finds that drug quality is poorer among Indian-labelled drugs purchased in African countries than among those purchased in India or middle-income countries. Substandard drugs – non-registered in Africa and containing insufficient amounts of the active ingredient – are the biggest driver of this quality difference.
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