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Souvik Dutta
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Souvik Dutta is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. His broad research interests are in the fields of development economics and political economy.

He completed his Ph.D. in Economics from Penn State University. Prior to his doctoral studies, he completed his M.A. in Economics from Delhi School of Economics, and B.Sc (Hons) in Economics from Presidency College, Kolkata.

Articles By Souvik Dutta
Facilitating investment in organic food business through the right policies
Posted On: 25 Sep 2017

Topics:   Agriculture

The Indian government has undertaken several policy initiatives to promote organic farming and organic food exports, and many domestic and foreign companies have responded positively to these measures. This column reports findings from a survey of 75 companies that sought to understand their views on the growth potential of this sector and what policies can support the growth.
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Surrogacy bill: Implications and way forward
Posted On: 06 Nov 2016


Contributing to the ongoing debate on India’s surrogacy bill, Dutta and Sarkar discuss the potential implications of the bill on the country’s billion-dollar surrogacy industry. They contend that India could follow in the footsteps of Israel and adopt a more pragmatic and holistic approach to regulating commercial surrogacy, rather than banning it altogether.
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Emergence of Bandhan as a bank: A new era in the Indian banking industry
Posted On: 27 Aug 2015

Topics:   Finance

At a time when the Indian banking industry is experiencing a steep rise in bad loans, Bandhan – an MFI with a near 100% loan recovery rate – has converted into a bank. Based on a survey of 112 Bandhan clients in West Bengal, this column highlights the features of Bandhan’s lending model that have enabled it to keep its bad loans at negligible levels.
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