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Chetan Choithani
University of Sydney
Chetan Choithani recently completed his Ph.D. in Human Geography from the University of Sydney. Chetan’s doctoral research looked at the role of migration as a livelihood strategy in influencing food and nutrition security outcomes among rural households, within the broader frameworks of poverty, inequality and vulnerability.

Chetan holds a Master of Arts in Globalisation and Labour from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, and a Master of Population Studies from the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai. His research interest lies in public policy analysis of various aspects of demography, health and nutrition, rural development, labour migration and informal labour, and how they relate to life and work chances at individual and household levels.

Articles By Chetan Choithani
The significance of local power structures in Bihar’s coupon-based PDS
Posted On: 17 Aug 2015

Topics:   Corruption
Tags:   Bihar , PDS

In 2007, Bihar introduced the coupon system in PDS to curb leakages at fair price shops. This column argues that even though the administrative logic of the coupon system is fundamentally sound, such reform can be effective only when accompanied by institutional transformations that broker change in the existing local politics of inclusion and exclusion.
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