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Sujaya Rathi is a Principal Research Scientist at the Centerfor Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) and has over 17 years ofexperience in the field of integrated land use transportation research andplanning in India and the USA. She is currently involved in the development ofdecision support tools for sanitation and transport. She is also working withthe Department of Town and Country Planning, Government of Karnataka, asknowledge partner in the National Sustainable Habitat and Smart city Mission.She has helped the Planning Commission, Government of India to develop futuredevelopment scenarios for India, based on systems analysis. She holds aMaster's degree in Community and Regional Planning from Iowa State University,USA and another Master's degree in Economics from Jadavpur University, India.Her research interests include sustainable urban transport and systems approachto planning. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners(AICP).

Articles By Sujaya Rathi
Beyond toilets: Improving the sanitation value chain
Posted On: 21 Jul 2015

Besides access to toilets, proper treatment and disposal of waste is essential for effective sanitation. In this article, Sujaya Rathi - Principal Research Scientist at CSTEP who is currently involved with developing decision-support tool for sanitation - discusses alternate sanitation systems and the importance of adopting a system that is well-suited to the context and needs of particular cities.
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