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Elizabeth Brainerd
Brandeis University
Elizabeth Brainerd is the Susan and Barton Winokur Professor of Economics and Women’s and Gender Studies at Brandeis University. Her research focuses on labour and health economics in  developing and formerly socialist countries. She received her B.A. in Economics and Russian from Bowdoin College and her Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University. Prior to her appointment at Brandeis, Brainerd was a Professor of Economics at Williams College

Articles By Elizabeth Brainerd
Religion and health in early childhood: Evidence from South Asia
Posted On: 03 Jul 2015

Topics:   Health

The widespread malnutrition of children in South Asia is persistent and troubling. Given the importance of religion in the region, this column examines the relationship between inequalities in child health and religious identity across India, Bangladesh and Nepal. It finds a consistent trend of Muslim advantage in infancy, vis-à-vis Hindus, and its reversal after 12 months of age across the three countries.
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