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Raghav Gaiha | Ideas for India

Raghav Gaiha
Independent Researcher
Raghav Gaiha is a (Former) Professor of Public Policy, Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi. He has held Visiting Fellowships at University of Cambridge, Harvard, MIT, Stanford and UPenn. His current interests are in nutrition, health and non-communicable diseases, poverty and institutions. He co-authored a book (with Raghbendra Jha, Vani S. Kulkarni): Diets, malnutrition and Disease: the Indian Experience, OUP, 2014.

Articles By Raghav Gaiha
Women’s empowerment and child malnutrition in rural India
Posted On: 19 Jun 2015

Topics:   Gender , Health

Research has found mother’s empowerment to have a positive impact on the nutrition status of their children. This column analyses this relationship for data from rural India for the period 1992-2006. Among other factors, it highlights the importance of mother’s education in relation to father’s education in determining children’s nutrition.
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