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Camille Boudot
Camille Boudot works as a Research Manager for the Centre for Microfinance (CMF) at IFMR-LEAD. She is involved in designing and implementing evaluations of social programmes, as well as co-investigator on a number of studies in the field of financial inclusion, social security, agriculture, and nutrition. Before joining CMF in 2013, Camille worked as a Project Associate for Innovations for Poverty Action in Mali. She has an M.Phil. in Economic Theory and Econometrics from the Toulouse School of Economics, and a Masters in Economics from the University of Edinburgh. 

Articles By Camille Boudot
Barriers to basic banking in India
Posted On: 29 May 2015

Topics:   Finance

The Indian government is promoting the Jan Dhan Yojana, Aadhaar and mobile banking – or the “JAM trinity” — as the pathway to financial inclusion. But are banks capable or even willing take on their role in this ambitious agenda? Based on a field study in Chennai, this column highlights the range of costs and constraints imposed by banks on customers attempting to enter the formal financial sector.
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