Ananya Sen
Toulouse School of Economics
Ananya Sen is a doctoral candidate in economics at the Toulouse School of Economics. His research interests centre around the economics of the media, internet and more broadly the digital economy. He mainly uses empirical techniques backed by a theoretical foundation to answer research questions. Before moving to Toulouse, he did the Economics Tripos at Cambridge University, prior to which he obtained a B.A. (Honors) in economics at St. Stephen's College, Delhi University.

Articles By Ananya Sen
Clicks and editorial decisions: How does popularity shape online news coverage?
Posted On: 18 May 2015


Identifying whether newspaper editors focus on what is ‘newsworthy’ or what is ‘trendy’ when choosing stories is important for the design of media regulation. This column shows how the popularity of an article, reflected by online clicks, influences the coverage of the story. However, this strategy operates differently for ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ news and hence, does not lead to a general decline of the quality of content.
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