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Smita Miglani
Smita Miglani is a Research Associate at ICRIER. Her broad areas of research interest include FDI, WTO (GATS), and infrastructure studies. She has an M.Phil. in Economics from Jawaharlal Nehru University. She has undertaken studies in the areas of international trade and investment, climate change, energy, automotive and logistics sectors. Her work has contributed to India’s negotiating strategies in signing bilateral trade and investment agreements and other policy reform issues at the domestic level. She is currently engaged in projects that involve evaluating India’s participation in global value chains. She has published work in reports, working papers, books, and refereed journals.

Articles By Smita Miglani
A comparison of automobile industries in India and China
Posted On: 05 Aug 2016

Topics:   Trade , Global Economy

The automobile sector in both India and China developed due to waves of investment in these countries since the late 1980s. This column discusses how India’s automobile sector has grown differently from that of other developing countries, especially China. In contrast to China, India has relied much more heavily on domestically-grown lead firms and has hence, benefitted at a slower pace from global best practices.
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