James Levinsohn
Yale School of Management
James Levinsohn is the Charles W. Goodyear Professor in Global Affairs & Professor of Economics and Management at the Yale School of Management. James is also the Director of the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University. His research interests are in international economics, industrial organisation, economic development, and applied econometrics. His recent academic research has focused on estimating the impacts of internal migration on household well-being in South Africa, estimating the demand for sanitation in Bangladesh, and evaluating the impacts of pay-as-you-go car insurance in the US. He has published widely on trade policy, youth employment policy, and the global corporation.

Articles By James Levinsohn
Encouraging household investment in sanitation
Posted On: 13 May 2015

Topics:   Health

While the detrimental effects of poor sanitation are widely known, there is disagreement about the key barriers to expanding improved sanitation coverage. This column presents results from a field experiment in Bangladesh that designs, implements and tests a range of sanitation marketing strategies. It finds that cost is the primary barrier to adoption, and that investment decisions are interlinked across neighbours.
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