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Aashish Mehta
University of California, Santa Barbara
Aashish Mehta is a development economist and an Associate Professor in the Department of Global Studies, at the University of California-Santa Barbara (UCSB). His recent studies focus on the connections between employment, education, skill, inequality, globalisation and changes in the structure of national economies. He has also published papers on a wide variety of other areas, including commodity price dynamics, caste-based discrimination, electricity sector reforms, subsidised food distribution systems, international human rights initiatives, and the development of scientific capacity around the world. Before joining UCSB, he served as an economist at the Asian Development Bank, where he analysed electricity sector reforms in several Central Asian countries and the Philippines, and studied Asia's emerging employment challenges.

Articles By Aashish Mehta
How serious are India’s manufacturing skill gaps?
Posted On: 13 Apr 2015

It is widely believed that skill gaps are constraining Indian manufacturing, and closing these gaps has become a national priority. This column argues that the public debate on India’s skill gaps rests on weak conceptual foundations. While some industries do suffer from real skill gaps, others are constrained by commercial difficulties that may be better addressed through policies other than skill development programmes.
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