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Deepthi Swamy
Deepthi Swamy is a Senior Research Analyst at the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), Bengaluru. At CSTEP, her work is mainly in the areas of techno-economics of resource assessments and policy analysis for development of wind energy, development of sector-specific trajectories for national energy modelling, and state-level roadmap studies for the power sector. She has received her Master’s in Engineering Management from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University. 

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Harnessing India’s wind power potential
Posted On: 09 Mar 2015

While India’s wind power sector has progressed significantly in the past decade, only about 22% of its potential has been harnessed so far. In this article, Deepthi Swamy - who was part of a team that worked with the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy to develop a framework for the National Wind Energy Mission - discusses the issues faced by the sector, need for a mission-mode approach, and the proposed contours for such a mission.
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