S. Anukriti
Boston College

S Anukriti is an Assistant Professor in the Economics Department at Boston College, a Research Affiliate of the Institute of the Study of Labor (IZA, Bonn), and a Fellow of the Center for Development Economics and Policy (Columbia University). Her research focuses on topics in development economics, demography, and the economics of gender. In recent work, she has examined the effects of trade liberalisation, fertility limits on local politicians, and financial incentive programmes on fertility and sex-selection in India. Anukriti holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Columbia University, an M.A. in Economics from the Delhi School of Economics, and a B.A. (Honors) in Economics from St. Stephen's College, Delhi.

Articles By S. Anukriti
How female foeticide has influenced fertility and parental investments in girls
Posted On: 11 Sep 2017

Topics:   Gender

The introduction of ultrasound technology in India has been documented to have led to a phenomenal increase in abortion of female fetuses. However, this column finds that it also decreased son-biased fertility stopping, narrowed gender gaps in breastfeeding and immunisation, and improved the survival chances of girls.
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Impact of the two-child limit for local politicians
Posted On: 02 Mar 2015

Some Indian states debar individuals with more than two children from contesting local elections. This column finds that while the law has significantly reduced fertility among the general population in those states, it has worsened the sex ratio at birth among upper-caste families. It suggests that Indians have strong local leadership aspirations, and that policies altering access to political power can effect social change.
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