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Abhishek Chakravarty
University of Essex
Abhishek Chakravarty is Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Essex. His research focuses on issues in development economics, demography, the economics of gender, and the impacts of government policy on maternal and child health. He is currently working on projects that analyse the impact of land reforms in West Bengal on gender bias in child health investments, how increases in dowry costs affect early life survival chances of girls in India, and how fertility limits placed on local Indian politicians affect family planning and political aspirations. Abhishek received his Ph.D. degree in Economics from University College London, and also holds an M.A. Economics degree from Jawaharlal Nehru University and a B.A. (Honours) Economics degree from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi.

Articles By Abhishek Chakravarty
Impact of the two-child limit for local politicians
Posted On: 02 Mar 2015

Some Indian states debar individuals with more than two children from contesting local elections. This column finds that while the law has significantly reduced fertility among the general population in those states, it has worsened the sex ratio at birth among upper-caste families. It suggests that Indians have strong local leadership aspirations, and that policies altering access to political power can effect social change.
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