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V. Ramani
Access Advisory
V Ramani is currently a Partner at Access Advisory, a firm that aims to promote inclusive growth and development in India through analysis of socioeconomic data of different regions of the country, propagating ideas for appropriate policy and legislative responses, highlighting innovations that significantly improve the standard of living of people, and developing partnerships between governments, business and non-profits that promote promising, scalable and sustainable development initiatives. 

Between 2010 and 2013, Ramani worked on the documentation of the activities of the Maharashtra State Nutrition Mission, with the support of UNICEF. He worked with governments, companies and foundations to advance the public agenda on maternal and child nutrition.

During 1980-2010, he served as an officer of the Indian Administrative Service with the Government of Maharashtra. He worked in a number of capacities in different departments at field and secretariat levels, ranging from revenue to rural development, urban management and child nutrition. As Director, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, New Delhi, he was closely associated with the post-1991 liberalisation of the petroleum sector, and the formulation of the New Exploration Licensing Policy of the Government of India.

Articles By V. Ramani
Why numbers matter
Posted On: 23 Jul 2015

Tags:   data

The delayed and partial release of data from the ‘Rapid Survey on Children’ by the Indian government has given rise to questions and speculation. In this article, former bureaucrat V. Ramani discusses the broader issue of the lack of suitable, public data on the social sector in India and the inability or unwillingness of the government to use existing data to monitor outcomes.
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Three concerns about AAP’s promise
Posted On: 18 Feb 2015

Topics:   Political Economy

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has come to power in Delhi with a historic mandate. In this article, V Ramani, Partner at Access Advisory and former bureaucrat, flags three key concerns around their approach towards tackling corruption, public finance, and economic growth.
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